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Robert Chapman

Award-winning Illustrator and Graphic Designer

With over thirty years of experience in calligraphy, lettering, concept illustration, portraiture, and graphic arts, Chapman focuses on original pieces from Realism to Abstract.

At the age of three, Robert Chapman began taking lessons in multi-medium art.
In Kindergarten, Chapman’s multi-layered finger paintings and hand prints were adopted into the school curriculum to be used as art project demonstration examples.

He began drawing 3-dimensional objects in grade two.

In grade three, Chapman could illustrate panoramic scenes, landscapes, and perspective renderings.

In grade four, Chapman’s large pastel drawing of a Poppy was displayed at the school Remembrance Day ceremony.

In grade eight, Chapman’s portrait of Sir John A. MacDonald was displayed at the Orillia Fall Fair where it won first place.

At age fourteen, Chapman gained full-time summer employment as a billboard sign writer (Sandford Advertising).

In grade ten, Chapman was promoted into the grade 12 Art class.

Born blind in one eye, aptitude testing showed Chapman scored exceptionally strong “in the visual perceptual ability (better than 96-99% of the general working population)”.

Chapman’s gift in seeing beauty, and at his Mother’s urging, prompted him to study Design Arts at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario.

Years later he graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design at Mohawk College (Hamilton, Ontario). Here he won the Board of Governors’ Arts Competition Award (Outstanding Entry in Drawing Category). He received the highest grade in both typography and illustration. To represent its Graphic Design Program, Mohawk College chose two of Chapman’s graphic design projects to be displayed at the 1991 Graphic Trade Show in Toronto.

While at college, Chapman produced graphic signage for the Red Cross, Mohawk College Security, First-City Zellers, Hamilton Water Works, and other businesses. He was further commissioned to create designs and logos that were used by Probation Officers’ Assoc. Ont. Inc., Mohawk College Engineering Dept., Law & Security Dept., Mohawk College Board of Governors, and Environment Canada.

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